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Entete Overseas Immigration is a licensed immigration company in the UAE, we are registered with ICCRC for Canadian Immigration, MARA for Australia immigration u0026 IAA for New Zealand immigration. We are a team of experts who have experience in providing appropriate solutions in visa processing. We offer a wide range of services from Skilled Immigration to Student visas and Citizenship/Residency by Investment.
Registered ICCRC Consultant

ICCRC Lawyer- Mr. Yogesh Arora is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC# R531731). He is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) fulfilling the obligations to the ICCRC. He has diverse experience in interpreting and complying with IRPA/IRPR/CIC Operational Manuals, Operational Bulletins, ICCRC policies and Codes of Ethics, privacy legislation, etc. He has extensive knowledge in handling Skilled Immigration, Family Sponsorship, effectively applying for LMIAs for different companies in various industry sectors.

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We aspire to be world’s best visa specialist providing a hassle free, simple immigration solutions to your preferred country, driven by our commitment and perseverance.nnPersonalized approach – We aim at providing services with a personal touch as we know each client is unique and so its our promise to provide a customized solution towards the relocation to your preferred country.n nOne-Stop solution – Relocation to another country can be a tedious process, we want to make this simple for you by putting together everything for you at one place at Entete Overseas Immigration.nn

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The Company Was established to transform the perception of immigration through our values, unique approach with our vast knowledge on immigration policies, laws and procedures and simplify it for our clients. We are here to change the customer experience by providing a hassle free, simple immigration solutions to your preferred country.

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Registered Consultants ICCRC-CRCIC & MARA in Dubai, UAE
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