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Immigration has become a large and important part of Canadian society. People from all over the world are travelling to Canada in search of prosperity. Nearly 300,000 immigrants are admitted to Canada annually by Canada’s federal immigration authority. Out of the total population of Canada, approximately 20% are from a foreign land, framing an unbiased and alluring behaviour of the administration and people in Canada.

Amenities Provided by Canada

Publicly Funded Health Care Systems

The health care system in Canada known as ‘medicare’, is decentralized, universal, and is completely funded by the 13 provinces and territories. The federal government helps each individual to have their insurance plans and grants them cash assistance on a per capital basis.


The education system in Canada encompasses both publicly funded and privately owned schools and universities. Canada spends six per cent of its GDP on education, maintaining a constantly rising standard of education throughout the country.

High Standard of Living and Minimum Crime Rate

Canada is officially ranked #1 in the world for its quality of life. The country’s beautiful environment with almost no pollution, clean roads and air, better employment, world-class education, and health care, wonderful and interactive people, and friendly migration policies make it a prime location for immigrants.

Also, the crime rates are low, police are trusted, easy to contact, and quick to respond.


Due to the public emphasis on the social importance of immigration, the federal government in Canada is narrated as an “instigator of multiculturalism”. The Canadian multiculturalism act approved on 21st July 1988 aims to preserve and enhance cultural diversity in Canada.

Economically Stable

Canada is an immensely developed country ranking 10th in the world GDP wise and 16th PPP (purchasing power parity) wise. The service sector vastly prevails there, due to which Canada demands more skilled workers, giving a pathway to immigrants.

Canada has adopted various changes regarding its migration policies and has made it a lot more effortless and forthright.

Quota Announced for 2020-2022

From the year 2020 to 2022 Canada would welcome up to 390,000 new immigrants, with an annual increase ensuring the highest Canadian immigration levels in modern history.

Express Entry

The Canadian government introduced express entry in 2015 which allows candidates who desire to work, attain permanent residency in Canada with work experience of one year in the last 10years for the nominated occupation.

Express Entry Eligibility

Age, education, work experience, fluency in English, and adaptability, is a 100 point grid that assesses your eligibility, out of which 67 is a passing score.

Provincial Nomination Program

It is for the workers, possessing skills, qualifications, and work experience to boost the economy of that territory, and to live there. The government implies no regulations in starting your own business as it encourages economic growth with job creation.

The Canadian Experience Class

It is a category of experts who have gathered work experience of 12 months (full time) in Canada in the last three years. This class puts you under a permanent resident category so that you can satisfy the requirements of Canadian ventures.

Family and Spouse Visa

To apply for this, the sponsoring spouse or relative should be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Family members or your spouse can complete their applications along with the IELTS examination and submit them at Visa Application Centre (VAC), and make full payment of the total amount by a single receipt.

Eligibility for PNP

It is necessary to fulfill the minimum obligation of the province non-express entry streams and be nominated under the same.

Benefits of Canada PR & Canada Immigration

The applicants meeting the desired score are considered worthy enough to immigrate to Canada and obtain a PR visa, which will give you a permanent resident status with the legitimacy of 5 years, which can be renewed again.

1. Free to work and live anywhere in Canada

2. World-class healthcare

3. Free education up to 18 years

4. Canadian citizenship

5. Sponsor your family/relatives

6. Protection under Canadian law.

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Along with this, we will assist you with documentation, portfolio building, filing, processing and at every step of the immigration procedure, from start to finish. We will keep you updated all the time and our team of experts will be available for every requirement of your immigration procedure. So with us, this seemingly complicated journey will be a dream come true moment for you!

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