International students driving enrollment growth in Canada

Recent Statistics Canada report outlines the performance of international students at Canadian institutions.

Before coronavirus forced learning online, international students were enrolling in post-secondaries in Canada at three times the rate of domestic students.

A recent Statistics Canada report examines student enrolment pre-pandemic as a way to evaluate the coronavirus impact on students. Researchers used the 2018/2019 academic year as the benchmark to measure how enrolment and graduation has been affected, particularly for international students.

That year, over 2.1 million students were enrolled at Canadian universities and colleges, up 1.8 per cent from the 2017 academic session. This gain was entirely due to international student enrolment, which went up 16.2 per cent. That same year, enrolment by domestic students decreased 0.5 per cent.

Most of these enrolments were in formal programs, only 8.4 per cent were in courses outside a formal program such as continuing education or personal interest.

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