Refund Policy

Entete Overseas Immigration – Refund Policy

Entete Overseas Immigration is not responsible for obtaining refunds of money the Client pays directly to other entities, and the Client understands that they will be subject to the refund policies of the government or organization that is involved.

If Entete Overseas pays government fees on a Client’s behalf, the Client must contact the government body for a refund.

If a refund option exists, Entete Overseas will give the Client instructions on how to recover pre-paid government fees

Total Fee charged by Entete Overseas is towards preparation and filing of his/her application. Entete Overseas is therefore entitled to the entire fee once the Client’s application is filed. The total cost to be paid by the Client becomes due once he/she retains the services of Entete Overseas, irrespective of the stage at which the Client shall pay the same, as the Client may make the payment based on the payment plan selected by him/her. In case the Client’s application does not get processed for any reason, Entete Overseas will not refund any of the total fees for the services provided and shall be entitled to full payment for the Services.

Entete Overseas is under no obligation to provide any refund should the application be refused for reasons outside Entete Overseas’ control.

Unless otherwise agreed by Entete Overseas, upon termination of the Agreement, all liabilities of Entete Overseas shall be discharged and Entete Overseas shall not be liable to refund any fees to the Client.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA Fee) and Visa processing fees (VPF) or any other charges levied by other designated organizations/Immigration Authorities/Provincial authorities in accordance with the current policy of ECA of organization and immigration regulations of Canada shall be payable by the Client in addition to the fee paid by the Client to Entete Overseas for Services. Since the Visa Processing Fee and ECA is paid to the concerned Authorities, the Client shall not seek a refund of the said fee from Entete Overseas. The Client shall solely be responsible for any adverse effect on the application due to delay/non-payment/insufficient payment of Educational Credential Assessment Fee and the Visa Processing Fee, or any other fees levied by the concerned Authorities, from time to time, would be borne by the Client. Further, the above said ECA Fee and the processing fee is non-refundable as per the current Laws.