Why should you apply for PR Visa?

Why should you apply for PR Visa?

The most commonly asked question is “why we should apply for PR?”. You might be living a good life with a handsome salary but are we all not told “Look for better”. A Permanent Residency not only is your path to better lifestyle but also a promise of bright future for your children.

Imagine working in a country like Canada, Australia or New Zealand and earning in dollars, so obviously you will be earning more than you are right now. You will be living In a well developed community and your family will enjoy all the benefits.

RIGHTS and BENEFITS that you & your family can enjoy once you are granted a Permanent Residence Visa :

  1. RIGHT TO LIVE INDEFINITELY – A permanent visa entitles you to travel in and out of the country all you want for the length of your visa (usually 5 years). If it expires you can apply for extension.
  1. FREEDOM TO WORK- Permanent residents can work for any employer in any occupation. Permanent residents enjoy the same benefits under these laws as the citizens. They can become a part of trade unions and can claim worker’s compensation.
  1. HEALTHCARE ENTITLEMENT & SOCIAL WELFARE BENEFITS – You are eligible for Medicare which is a comprehensive coverage which covers all the possible aspects of healthcare possible. You will also qualify for cheaper health insurance. The social security benefits given out by this department extends to students, families, retirees, unemployed, parents and people with disabilities.
  1. Countries like Canada & Australia offer FREE EDUCATION- All children under 18 are entitled to a free education in the public-school system.
  1. Maternity and parental leave – In Canada/Australia, working parents are given time off when a new baby is born or adopted. Women can take up to 12 months of maternity leave and receive 50 to 65% of their normal income.
  2. CREDIT RATING– Once you become Australian or Canadian Permanent Resident, your credit rating immediately goes up. You will be in a better position for approval of home loans, car loans, personal loans, credit cards and so on.
  1. PRIVILEGE TO SPONSOR. Permanent residents can also sponsor their relatives for acquisition of permanent residence.

And the list goes on…..

So sit back think and apply for a PR to change your life. 

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